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Apple Exploring on how iPhone can Discover a Matching Friend in Close Proximity

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Apple could soon enter into the location-based interest matching and social networking market. The patent, which was filed in December 2009, describes a scenario where two individuals can presumably meet based on their common interests or experiences.

Titled “Ad-hoc Networking based on Content and Location” the patent application talks about a system that would allow iPhone devices in close proximity to discover a matching friend, or your next wife or your next date or husband.

Common interests and experiences of two or more users located close to each other can be identified from content, including automatically created usage data of the mobile devices. Usage data of a mobile device can be created based on activities performed on the mobile device (e.g., songs downloaded), a trajectory of the mobile device (e.g., places traveled), or other public data available from the mobile device (e.g., pictures shared).

“When two strangers meet, it may take a long and awkward conversation to discover their common interests or experiences,” Apple writes.

This integrated social networking concept is pretty much novel but powerful. Just tell your iPhone that you are ready for date or interested in meeting new people that are nearby. When the mode is ‘ON’ multiple requests are received and match score is then calculated based on certain number of socio-parameters (listed under patent Application ID 20110142016). The notification is then sent indicating that a social networking opportunity exists within the social-networking distance.

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If he or she accepts your invite you are already a step ahead and need not discuss about the places you both visited, songs you listened, music genre you follow, movies you’ve watched, people you both know, et cetera. But I wonder when you are already acquainted with all this stuff, then what will you discuss on your first date? But yes, this could be a problem solver for all those who lack courage in initiating a date.

Sprint to SIM-Lock iPhone 4S Starting November 11th during Activation Process

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One of the Sprint employees was kind enough to snap and slip a shot as solid evidence with a note about SIM Locking. The iPhone locking activity is reported to begin in background during the activation process without the knowledge of customers.

Starting tomorrow, all iPhone 4S devices will have the SIM locked. The locking occurs during the activation process and is invisible to the customer (no extra action is needed by customer or rep).

The memo additionally notes that “this SIM lock update will not impact any current iPhone 4S customers (activated prior to 11/11/11).” Which means that those who purchased and activated iPhone 4S before November 11th will be able to continue their unlocked SIM slot. New customers will be tied to Sprint Worldwide for international services, however.

The unlocked iPhone 4S is the best choice, if you prefer to use a local carrier when traveling abroad since it avoids international roaming fees. Meanwhile, Apple has already stated that unlocked iPhone 4S will arrive without a micro-SIM card sometimes in November in USA. Frequent business travelers who are hopping between countries, or those who don’t want to be locked into a lengthy carrier contract can wait till then to buy the unlocked iPhone 4S.

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Apple Exploring Wireless Charging Mechanism for iPhone 6, Reports WSJ

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WSJ is reporting that in addition to launch thinner and lighter next-generation iPhone in September this year, the brains in Cupertino are exploring new ways of charging iPhone 6device scheduled to be introduced at an event in 2012, as a part of its normal refresh cycle.

Investors expect a bigger boost to Apple’s phone business next year. People briefed on Apple’s plans said the company is planning a major iPhone revamp then, with one person saying the company has been experimenting with features such as a new way of charging the phone.

There is absolutely no word about what charging method Apple will adopt, it could be induction charging or some other effortless wireless charging mechanism. However, based on recent patent application – Wireless power utilization in a local computing environment – Apple may possibly use Near field magnetic resonance to power iOS devices within 1 meter of the power base without using a mat or extra case.

This would have a significant advantage over traditional plug-in electric charging.

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In addition to this, Wall Street Journal also strengthens earlier claims that Apple is working on a cost-effective iPhone model with an edge-to-edge screen, which some are interpreting to mean that it will have a smaller bezel or border. It will not be wrong to say that Apple is indeed attempting to streamline end user experiences by narrowing down the screen-size difference across different iPhone models.

Apple has also been working on a less-expensive phone with new features such as an edge-to-edge screen, according to this person.

Apple is developing a cheaper iPhone for developing countries and possibly, the device would use parts from the current iPhone 4 for lower production costs. It could be made available to carriers for half the price, potentially allowing them to subsidize its entire cost. But will this nano-Phone ship, and when? There is no word about it whatsoever!