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May 2019

How to Create Desktop Webapps in Mac OS X Lion

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Automator in OS X 10.7 Lion is much improved now and lets you create floating desktop webapps using any specified URL using a “website popup” feature. You can even set a custom size, iPhone size, iPad size and a user agent. Save them as “apps”, and this can later be opened via Lion’s Launchpad.

  1. Launch Automator and select “App” at the first menu that pops up.
  2. Find the “Get Specified URLs” action in the left sidebar or just type the name into the search box until Automator finds it for you. Now, drag it to your workflow. Alternatively, if you drag a URL from your browser into the editing window Automator automatically builds you a “Get Specified URLs” action, using that URL.
  3. Add the specified URL of the webapp you want on your desktop.
  4. Add the “Website Popup” action to your workflow. Here you can customize the default size of the webapp’s window, position, as well as the user agent you use to access it. Here, the “User Agent” has been set to “iPhone.” which means that thought this app was an iPhone web browser, and it automatically rendered the compact edition of the site.
  5. Done! Save your app in /Applications.

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It’s a real app which can stick around and float above your other windows until you dismiss it. Via [ihnatko]