iPhone 5 existed in Real but Steve Jobs Objected to its Design [REPORT]

silver iPhone X

Apple initially planned to introduce iPhone 5 this year, but deferred its launch and finally announced the iPhone 4S after Steve objection, reports Business Insider, who was able to snag some information from an anonymous source in Apple’s upstream supply chain who has claimed to have had hands-on access to an iPhone 5 prototype. He even offered some details on the iPhone 5 specifications.

We’ve been told this by an industry source who has been right about future Apple products in the past.

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We have not been able to verify what he told us with a second source. So we’re still treating these details as rumors. You should probably still read this post with a nice fat dose of salt.

iPhone 5 will reportedly sport 4-inch display screen with “Flatter” form factor, an elongated capacitive home button for swiping across the home button to quickly switch between multitasking apps, faster chip but have poor battery life, 10-megapixel rear camera and an aluminum back. He added that Apple is exploring its “liquid metal” technology to make colored iPhones.

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The sources further claimed that Steve Jobs objected about having the larger display screen on iPhone 5 because that would result in fragmentation of the iOS ecosystem.

Lending a little bit of credence to this particular rumor is the fact that the major news media outlet BI has reported it, which could have close ties with sources acquainted with Apple product plans. Most of this stuff seems plausible, however.

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