iPhone 4S has earned a recommendation from Consumer Reports magazine

person holding white iPod touch

Last February Consumer Reports – a powerful brand in its own right – made waves when it refused to recommend both the GSM and CDMA iPhone 4 due to antenna reception issues, but with iPhone 4S in place, its editors have shifted their opinion and have listed the newest smart phone iPhone 4S as a “recommended” device.

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After rigorous and special testing in their labs, Consumer Reports did not found any serious signal reception problem with the iPhone 4S, which helped qualify it for CR’s “recommended” list. There was no loss of signal strength when the phone’s lower left side was touched in an area with a weak signal. Apparently, the iPhone 4 did not earn a recommendation as it continues to exhibit the dreaded death grip.

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Apple did not offer comment but obviously the company is sure it has a winner, and is likely satisfied that the recommendation from the ostensibly objective Consumer Reports will influence a large group of people and will increase its sales.

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